Your exercise motivation may ebb and flow with the seasons so use this advice from top fitness model Lais Deleon to create lasting principles that’ll keep your body moving for years to come.


Step 1: Reframe what motivation means to you.

I feel as though the problem is not “how to do stay motivated,” it’s our extreme dependence on motivation in order to take action because it is fleeting and unreliable. We will never be motivated all them time. So, waiting around for motivation, or wasting time trying to get motivated, is a misguided effort towards working on our fitness goals.


Step 2: Forge habits not fads.

I believe that simply understanding and coming to terms with the fact that we will not always be motivated, is the half the battle. This means you’ll need to create systems and habits in your life that’ll help you take actions which move you closer to your goals.


Step 3: Hit the refresh button on your goal setting.

Set action or effort based goals instead of outcome or results based goals. So, rather say something such as “I plan to workout or do something active 5x per week ” instead of “I want to lose 20lbs and have abs by summer.” This way the action that will lead to your desired outcome is your focus.



Step 4: Do something that’s hard everyday.

It’s important to constantly be working towards cultivating more discipline and getting yourself into the habit of doing things, particularly when you don’t feel like doing them. That’s just a part of the process. If it were easy to be super fit, everyone would be. Knowing this, when setting goals will allow you to have more realistic exceptions about the time, effort, and commitment necessary for reaching a fitness ambition.


Step 5: Applaud the effort – not the results.

Motivation is great, it’s what gets you started, but true discipline and habits are what keep you going. Reframing our mindset from only focusing on the results, to being proud of the effort it takes to stay consistent is something that comes with time.