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Her Daily Digest

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  • Optimal Female Digestive Support
  • Promotes Healthier Digestion
  • Added Gluten Digestive Support
  • Added Dairy Digestive Support

Her Daily Digest is a complete, once-daily female digestive support supplement. Our complex blend of essential digestive enzymes works to anutrally aid in the breakdown and absorption of crucial vitamins and minerals from the foods we eat.

The NLA for Her Difference: The reason Her Daily Digest is more effective than competing female digestive support supplements is ours contains the potent patented digestive enzymes Biocore Dairy Ultra and Biocore DPP-IV which specifically improve the breakdown and digestion of gluten and dairy!

We recommend stacking Her Daily Digest with Her Probiotics to promote a healthy digestive system and further improve absorption of nutrients. Stack Her Daily Digest during 14-day cycles of Her Cleanse to enhance the detoxification process!