Non-Stim Fat Burning Stack

$ 74.99

For those sensitive to stimulants, our non-stim fat burning stack contains 1 unit of the following to promote metabolism boosting, appetite control, and stored fat loss:
  • Her CLA
  • Her Carnitine
  • Her Garcinia
  • Her Appetite Control chew
Weight 32 oz

Ingredient Highlights

Energy and Focus Matrix:

-Caffeine From Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis leaves): Catechin Polyphenols and EGCG found in Green Tea boosts energy while also prolonging your body’s metabolic rate of burning calories aiding in weight loss.

-Higenamine HCL: Improves energy, focus, and boosts athletic performance during training.

-Schisandra Extract: plant extract that has many health benefits such as improving mental performance and focus, lowering inflammation, and supports adrenal function while lowering stress levels.

-L-Taurine: Helps your body metabolize fat which boosts energy production and aids in weight loss. L-Taurine helps improve muscular endurance and performance during both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. L-Taurine also helps boost cognitive function and improves brain health.


Innovative Fat Burning Matrix:

-L-Carnitine: Helps transport fat into your cells which allows your mitochondria to burn it to produce more ATP/Energy.

-Raspberry Ketones: Enhances lipolysis, or your body’s ability to breakdown fat. Raspberry Ketones also help your body’s hormonal regulation of a healthy metabolism and blood sugar levels.

-Pre-workout: Take 1-3 Her Thermo Energy chews 20 minutes pre-workout to enhance energy, intensity, focus, and fat burning throughout your workout
-Morning Energy Boost: Take 1-3 Her Thermo Energy chews in the morning to jumpstart your metabolism and boost energy to start your day!

**DO NOT EXCEED more than 3 Her Thermo Energy chews per day. If you have trouble sleeping we DO NOT recommend taking Her Thermo Energy after 5 pm!**


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