Recover stronger to get leaner

Branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) are the building blocks your body uses to recoup after tough training. This is why you need them to craft that strong, yet sexy body you’re working so hard toward


You’ll master your macros

Recovery drinks can be a calorific affair, but BCAA’s are low calorie super stars that increase protein synthesis (muscle growth) which helps your body to recover from your brutal training sessions. This means you get the best low calorie option for crushing that cowgirl strut you’d normally wear after a tough session under the squat rack.


They could be better than whey

Protein shakes may get all the glory, but amino acids are arguably a more powerful recovery option if you’re chasing weight loss. Journal based research found when people trained and supplemented with branch chain amino acids, they decreased their body fat, increased their lean muscle mass and bumped up their strength far more than when they took whey or a sports drink supplement. Proof that these lower calorie options should be your top choice for improvements.




You’ll shrug off the drama

When life hammers you down with the pressures of work, family and even fitness, adding BCAA’s to your routine will pepper some chill on your well being. A research paper found that taking this supplement actually helped people engaging in nerve-wracking tasks to reduce their stress hormone cortisol. Excessive amounts of this hormone can sap your energy, make you gain weight and bring out your inner mean-girl. Taking BCAA’s will help you pull back control while improving your recovery from training.


Water just got sexier

While it’s a smart move to take BCAA before and after training, you can also add them to your water bottle while training, making your hydration efforts taste like a sports drink. This will accelerate your intra-workout recovery so you’re more prepared for tomorrow’s workout. Plus, it makes them an excellent pairing to healthy snack options that are naturally low in protein, such as an apple or or serve of mixed vegetables. They’re arguably your most valuable ally in your quest to get that physique you’ve aspired toward.