Competition History:
Utah NPC, March 2013: 4th place Bikini A
Northern Colorado Championships April 2013: 1st place Bikini A
NPC Team Universe, New Jersey July 2013: 16th place Bikini A
Utah NPC, August 2013: 2nd place Figure A
IFBB North American Championships, Pittsburgh, PA, August 2013: 2nd place Bikini A
NPC Nationals, Fort Lauderdale, FL, November 2013: 2nd place Bikini A (Earned Pro Card)
IFBB 2014 Dallas Europa Pro Bikini: 16th place
IFBB 2014 New York Pro Bikini: 16th place
IFBB 2014 Dennis James Classic: 10th place
IFBB 2014 Northern California Pro Bikini: 7th place
IFBB 2014 Southern California Pro Bikini: 9th place


Why did you get into health and fitness?
When my daughter was 11 months old I realized I was still wearing maternity pants and was in the worst shape of my life. I knew I needed to make a big change to look and feel better. At 27 years old, I made the decision to get into the BEST shape of my life!! I wanted to know that I COULD be in great shape even after having a baby.

What are your health and fitness goals?

My current goal is to get back into shape POST second baby! And to inspire others while I do it, reminding women everywhere that while giving birth to our children does indeed change our bodies, that it certainly doesn’t ruin them! I hope to motivate women to dare to dream bigger than they ever have before. Anything is possible when we want it bad enough.


What are your best health and fitness accomplishments?

I feel that my biggest fitness accomplishment was earning my IFBB Pro card in Bikini just 8 months after my first competition. As a mom and full time RN, this was more than I ever dreamed possible for myself! I went from an overweight mom/nurse to an IFBB Pro in under a year! Insanely crazy things ARE possible!


Why do you love being part of the Team NLA for Her?

I love how NLA for Her portrays women in a completely positive and classy light. NLA for Her recognizes that women are STRONG, POWERFUL people with real goals and dreams. My teammates are some of the most empowering and motivating women in the industry.


What advice or words of encouragement would you give to other women perusing their health and fitness goals?

Dare to dream BIG! Anything is possible when you try! #LiveYourDreams #BecauseGlutes 😉



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"Every day is a NEW day to make myself proud. We all have weak moments, we make bad choices, we feel overwhelmed, we don't feel like we can go on. Then sleep. And wake up the next morning with the knowledge that you CAN do anything. You were created with all the power that you need to dominate your goals. Never give up. Never settle. "