Why did you get into health and fitness?

I grew up watching my father lift weights, run races and play sports – so I was always athletic and active. When I discovered the figure division of bodybuilding – my husband, Alex, urged me to begin training to compete. I did my first figure competition in 2010 and placed 2nd. I was hooked! I continued to compete on the national circuit until earning my IFBB professional status at the NPC USA’s in 2012. 

What are your health and fitness goals?

My current fitness goal is to show my daughter and women everywhere that you can and should love your body at every stage. Eating to fuel your body for workouts and living a “normal” life with balance is the only way to stay fit for life! Being a leader for my Jessie’s Girls and all of my NLA for Her fans is a top priority for me – I want to show them that you can be a busy mom, wife and business owner and still make time to eat healthy and lift with intensity!

What are your best health and fitness accomplishments?

My best fitness accomplishments are earning my IFBB pro card, becoming a yoga instructor, earning my black belt in TaeKwonDo and inspiring and motivating women all over the world with my Jessie’s Girls training programs.

Why do you love being part of the Team NLA for Her?

Being on Team NLA for Her simply goes in line with everything I stand for as a leader in women’s fitness and health. NLA for Her supplements have honest ingredients that fuel my training and all of my efforts in the gym. I love that they have so many products that are safe during pregnancy and nursing and that the company has integrity and stands behind and supports women!

What advice or words of encouragement would you give to other women perusing their health and fitness goals?

Whatever you want – just GO FOR IT!! It may seem overwhelming right now – but just get started and work hard. It will pay off greatly if you don’t give up. You will have your bumps in the road, but they will shape the journey and make the outcome everything it is supposed to be. Show the world YOU!!


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"You can’t build your physique by mindlessly wandering around in the gym, choosing

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