Today’s world is a minefield of pollutants that can drag the sunshine out of your day and vitality from your body. These are the dangers you’re facing everyday and how you can get rid of them to put yourself on the right track to be your healthiest self.



  1. The air isn’t so fresh anymore.

The air that half of America’s population breathes in everyday is now dangerously high in pollutants, says the American Lung Association. This is linked a host of serious diseases that can put your health and happiness at risk.


  1. Your thirst may be costing you.

While the USA has some of the world’s cleanest tap water, 63 million Americans are still exposed to unsafe drinking water. Even if you only drink filtered or tap water you still could be at risk.


  1. Even healthy foods can build up toxins.

With agriculture at record highs, so pesticide levels are also rising. Even if you’re only ingesting a miniscule amount each day, it’s the accumulated effect that can cause your body to crave a detox to return to it’s natural state.


What can you do

Your stomach is often called your second brain because it plays such a crucial role in your emotional well being and in your ability to fend of diseases. A paper at Oregan State University found gut microbes are so instrumental to your body that they influence the overall health of your entire immune system. This means you can benefit by giving your gut a tune up from time to time. While you can opt to go the way of the restrictive dietary route, this can also have negative consequences, so it’s a smarter idea to go with a cleansing product that promotes gut health. NLA’s Her Cleanse is a complete 14-day cleanser and detoxifier that supports a weight loss program and promotes intestinal health that will help you achieve a slimmer waistline. When teamed up with a healthy diet it will help your body eliminate toxins and reduce the discomfort they might be causing you. So, if you want to look and feel better this is the smartest addition you can make to your healthy supplement routine.