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5 Ways to Boost Your Energy

2 min read

5 Ways to Boost Your Energy

Nothing keeps you from your best workout like a loss of energy. Without energy, we tend to lose motivation, our hard-earned dedication and, of course, results. So, how do you boost your energy? With these tips below, of course!


We all know the infamous pre-workout, and it’s fame is definitely earned. Nothing will make you want to hit the treadmill, lift those weights and max out on your reps more than a little pre-workout. If you haven’t used this energy booster before, then you’re really missing out on your highest fitness potential! Uplift by NLA for Her is definitely a winner in the pre-workout game as it supports energy levels, improves endurance and increases fast twitch muscle fiber activation to aid you in your best workout yet. And, it does all of this without tons of caffeine and a post workout crash!


By limit, we mean don’t drink alcohol on the days your training, aka exclusively on your cheat days. Alcohol is a serious culprit in the theft of your sleep. Even if you think a beer at night helps you sleep better, guess again. The reality is that alcohol prevents you from getting to REM sleep, which is why you feel so drained of energy during the day.


This one has all the energy boosting properties of pre-workout while also being a fat burner supplement. A definite win-win! Her Amino Burner enhances endurance, supports focus, promotes fat loss, boosts metabolism function and aids in recovery. The best part? You can take this at any time of the day–not just before you smash out a workout at the gym. Seriously, what could possibly be better than a fat burning and energy boosting blend?!


A nutritious diet is key in boosting your energy. Whenever you eat, change your perspective to how the food your consuming can fuel your body. Pizza, hamburgers, or any fast food for that matter will drain your body’s energy far before you receive any nutrients. Always aim to eat the rainbow, hit all your food groups and limit your sugar intake.


Never heard of it before? Well, it’s just as good as it sounds! Her Night Time Burn is an innovative night time sleep burner. Yes, this one will help you burn fat while you sleep! It also supports REM sleep so you can wake up refreshed (and avoid those midday energy crashes), promotes relaxation and stress relief, boosts serotonin and provides advanced adrenal support. Made with zero stimulants, this product will do all the fat burning work for you while you fall into a deep and relaxed sleep, giving you all the energy you need to conquer the next day!