Muscle Soreness Relief 101

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Muscle Soreness Relief 101

 If your second home is the gym, then chances are you don’t have time to deal with muscle soreness. It not only keeps you away from your precious gym time but also prevents you from hitting your hardest and most intense workouts and making gains. How are you supposed to see progress if you’re forced to take it easy due to muscle soreness?

Of course, rest days are needed and should be respected, but muscle soreness can last long after those rest days are over and interrupt your scheduled fitness regime. If you live by the “no days off” mentality, then muscle soreness can seriously hinder you from reaching your goals.

Thankfully, there’s plenty of ways to ease muscle soreness and prevent its onset in the first place. Check out this muscle soreness relief guide for all the deets!

First off, are you stretching?

Stretching is one of the most effective ways to overcome muscle soreness. After you’ve hit your workout, be sure to stretch your activated muscles for at least twenty minutes. For the best results, use a foam roller to massage deep into those muscles. While stretching is a huge help, it won’t relieve your muscle soreness on its own. Instead, stretching should be viewed as just one piece of the puzzle.

Take it easy.

If you’re new to hitting the gym, then start slow and gradually increase your workout difficulty. By going as hard as you can right off the bat, you’re increasing your post-workout soreness intensity, which will prevent you from staying committed to your fitness routine. Remember, fitness is a marathon, not a sprint, so start easy and eventually work your way up to those advanced weights and exercises. 

Even for those avid gym-goers, knowing your body and when to lift lighter, take a break, or engage in some light fitness is crucial for your recovery. 

Have you tried supplement help? 

If this isn’t the beginning of your fitness journey, you may need some help from supplements to keep your endurance strong to see those gains. Her Aminos is the perfect blend of amino acids that’s designed to be taken daily to increase endurance, build lean muscle, and speed up recovery time. It’s basically the magic supplement created to speed up your recovery time, allowing you to bounce back and hit the next workout one even harder! In short, Her Aminos help you reach and maintain your fitness goals!

Recovery is great, but what about energy?

If you’re looking to increase your energy and recovery time, then you’re in luck. Our Her Amino Burner boosts energy, increases fat burning, and speeds up recovery time all in one supplement! While sustained energy and enhanced metabolism burning are both keys to success in the gym, Her Amino Burner supports recovery before, during, and after your workout, making it the real MVP in the recovery of sore muscles. This one is definitely a gym essential!

Keep up your workout, but with less weight.

If that muscle soreness lasts for days and won’t seem to shake, then you might want to go down in weight. Of course, this one is difficult. How do you lessen your weight without damaging your ego? Well, think about your body and how far it has taken you. The best way you can give back to this vehicle of yours is by listening to it when its in pain and making the correct adjustments. Plus, you don’t want to get an injury that will harm your workout routine and ego far more than muscle soreness. 

With these tips and a little help from Her Aminos or Her Amino Burner, you can kiss extended muscle soreness goodbye.