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Women recover differently than men

2 min read

Women recover differently than men

The hard work you put your muscles through needs to be done, but that’s not where your journey ends. Here’s why your recovery is so vital for your success

A woman’s injury risk is higher

While science may seem sexist, it’s worth knowing what you’re up against. A paper at the University of Alberta found women had two to six times more injuries than men when doing the same sports. The researchers noted that these differences are entirely preventable and can be remedied through good nutrition and smarter training practices. There’s no question that the first step in mitigating your risks is to make sure you’re recovering fully between each session using a recovery agent like branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s). NLA For Her’s BCAA product Her Aminos was designed with the female athlete in mind.

Think about your family planning

If you’re considering starting a family, brutal workouts can exact a heavy toll on your hormones. When trying to get pregnant your body may not have enough resources and energy to facilitate hard training sessions and creating another life, found a paper by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Fortunately, these negatives aren’t long lasting and can also be moderated by proper nutrition, particularly around your workouts.

You’re fitter than your BAE

If there was a battle of the sexes – you’d win. A woman’s body processes oxygen faster than a man’s once exercise has begun, found a paper at the University of Waterloo. The upside: your body is more naturally athletic than any man’s. The downside: this can mean you need to pay slightly more attention to your recovery efforts.

Three vital nutritional steps for on point post workout recovery

Step 1: Consume an amino acid drink such as branch chain amino acids before, during and after training to give your body the building blocks it needs for recovery at all times.

Step 2: Focus on having carbs both before and after training to recharge your energy levels.

Step 3: Make sure you don’t wait more than two hours until you eat, as your body is uniquely primed to build muscle and burn fat during this crucial period.