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Her Creatine


HER CREATINE was specifically formulated to deliver incredible results while improving strength, endurance and overall performance.  This innovative and effective blend helps increase blood flow to your muscles while improving strength, recovery and muscle hydration.  Supplementing with Her Creatine Monohydrate promotes more rapid production of cellular energy resulting in more lean muscle growth. 

  • Her Creatine helps boost exercise performance by delivering more energy (ATP) to your muscle cells during periods of high intensity exercise such as HIlT and weight lifting.*
  • Post workout, creatine in the muscles works to repair damaged tissue and replenish muscle cells with nutrients to help you optimize your recovery.†
  • Her Creatine is micronized, which makes it easier to digest and break down in the body, eliminating extra water weight and bloating so you can look and feel your best!
  • Stack Her Creatine with any other NLA Supplement.
  • Her Creatine is caffeine free and can be mixed or taken alongside any powder or capsule.