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Her Whey Protein

When you are having a sweet tooth or carb craving, take Her Whey as a lean protein that will help keep your blood sugar levels stabilized.*

Our low carbohydrate blend with added fiber will leave you satiated for longer and help reduce junk food cravings!
  • Low calorie, gluten-free, whey isolate protein for rapid absorption into your muscles
  • A mega dose of vitamins and minerals
  • Over 9.4 grams of Glutamine and over 5 grams of Branched Chain Amino Acids to enhance muscular recovery.*
  • 8 grams of the highest quality whey isolate protein

Build Lean Muscle

Gluten Free

Low Calorie

Whey Isolate Protein

Our premium whey isolate protein provides your muscles with all the building blocks it needs to recover faster and stronger!

Builds Lean Muscle • Improves Muscle Recovery •  Easily Digestible


Over 9.4 grams of Glutamine and over 5 grams of Branched Chain Amino Acids to enhance muscular recovery.*

Anti Inflammation • Increases Muscle Recovery • Produces Lean Muscle

Vitamins and Minerals

Supports a healthy immune system and enhances overall gut health. †

Boosts Immune System • Increases Digestion • Anti Inflammation

What Customers Are Saying

Tastes so good and is good for you!

"Tastes so good and is so good for you! A lot of proteins/meal replacements made me sick in the past but this makes me feel so good!"


Great product and tastes great!

"I’ve always wanted to try NLA for Her shakes and I’m glad I finally did. The chocolate eclair tastes great. It has a bit of a Cinnamon taste and reminds me of the abuelita hot chocolate. It’s very filling and I drink one every morning on the way to work. I’ll definitely be purchasing more. They have other products I love as well! This is a very good brand!"


Can I have this for every meal?!

"I literally dislike ALL protein powder. Most of them give me horrible tummy aches and make me sick. This is the BEST powder I have ever had. I highly recommend it! Keeps me full, energized and it is so yummy!"

Joanne R.

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