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It’s hard to believe that we all have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyoncé. Of course, when compared to her, it’s easy to think that we are just hitting the tip of the productivity iceberg!

Of course, she has a team of assistance and endless support to help her cross off everything on her never-ending to-do list. While you and I may not be Beyoncé, we still have a laundry-list of things that must get done, too!

Between going to work, eating well and working out, there’s not much energy left over. Heck, it’s impressive to even have enough energy to get all that done. And, while work, diet and exercise are important, we all know very well that those aren’t the only three things that require our attention throughout the day.

Being our most productive self requires energy. You can drink coffee after coffee, or green tea after green tea, but we all know that caffeine comes with a crash. So, what else can you do to sustain your energy all day?

1. Diet

Avoiding junk food, saturated fats and carbs can help sustain energy all day. When you’re hungry, cut out the fatty foods and opt for a salad, handful of nuts, protein shake and/or some fruit.

2. Get a good night’s sleep

Maybe this makes you LOL. Obviously, we all need a good night’s sleep. But, how is sleep even possible when there’s sooo much to do throughout the day? 

If this is the case for you, check out Her Night Time Burn. It is not only a sleep aid that promotes REM sleep, relaxation and reduces anxiety, but it also burns fat while you catch Z’s!

3.  Pre-workout

If you’re too exhausted to workout, then a pre-workout is a must, Uplift. No, it’s not like those other pre-workouts that are loaded with caffeine and make you shake to the bones. While, yes, there’s some caffeine in Uplift pre-workout, it’s designed to deliver clean and sustained energy with a blend of amino acids and muscle building compounds.

4.  Energy supplements

For those who just need the extra energy boost mid-day, Her Amino Burner is perfect for you! It’s not only an energy supplement, but also a muscle builder and fat burner! One dose will enhance workout endurance, support energy and focus, promote fat loss, boost metabolism and support recovery pre and post workout!

5.  Turn fat into fuel

How is this even possible? With Her Carnitine, you can turn your fat into energy while also promoting weight loss! This stimulant-free fat metabolizer helps transfer fatty acids for cellular energy production, which promotes muscular energy for burning fat. This utilization of fat for fuel will give you a surge of sustained energy that will not only help with your daily life, but will also improve athletic performance!