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It happens to the best of us. We’re on a killer streak, slaying our workouts, committing to the most balanced diet and consuming all the right supplements. The gains are happening then, all of a sudden, the progress stops. We’re doing the work, so why aren’t we seeing more results?

This frustration comes from a little thing called a fitness plateau. And, if you resonate with these characteristics, then you’ve definitely hit it. While this may seem like a “low” point, it’s actually the opposite! Your body has adapted, grown and gotten used to your workout routine, so now it’s time to switch it up!

It’s important to not feel down when you hit a fitness plateau. Remember, what you are capable of now used to be seen as impossible. And, what your workout used to be is now your current warm up. You have made incredible strides!

It’s normal to want to keep going, pushing and hitting new records. So, what should you do when you hit a fitness plateau? Try these options. 

Switch it up

Have a little fun and switch up your workout routine! If you’re a cardio queen, then work in some strength training. If you’re all about the weights, then try fitting in resistance workouts or swim laps. Basically, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and create a new fitness regime. It’s recommended to switch up your workout routine every 2-5 weeks to avoid a fitness plateau, so keep this in mind as you progress on your fitness journey. If you’re looking for some new workout inspiration, we’ve got you covered! We have a plethora of workouts from our athletes to add to your routine. 

Avoiding junk food, saturated fats and carbs can help sustain energy all day. When you’re hungry, cut out the fatty foods and opt for a salad, handful of nuts, protein shake and/or some fruit.

Hit the pre-workout

Experiencing a fitness plateau can definitely lower your motivation, which can lead to negative results in the gym. To stay motivated, a little pre-workout can go a LONG way. Uplift Max is an elite level pre-workout that not only sustains clean energy, but also improves athletic performance and enhances fast twitch muscle fibers for an even more intense workout! If you’re ready to say goodbye to the dreaded plateau, Uplift Max is your new bestie!

Supplement a fat burner

A fat burner? Is that really a thing? Yes, and it is amazing! If you want to maximize your fat burning while hitting the gym, then you definitely need to try Shred Her Max. Shred Her Max is a thermogenic fat burner that promotes fat loss, boosts energy levels and works as an advanced appetite supplement, so not only does it help give you the energy to get your booty to the gym but it also helps to accelerate fat loss ALL DAY LONG! Formulated and dosed specifically for women, Shred Her Max is a miracle worker for burning off those hard-to-tone places!

Try an amino acid blend

If you haven’t heard of it before, an amino acid blend is the real MVP in building lean muscle while also promoting better recovery. Our Her Aminos formula is a comprehensive amino acid blend that is designed to be taken daily to better support recovery between workouts, allowing you to bounce back and hit the next one even harder, because once you’ve hit a plateau you don’t have time to deal with muscle soreness!

Take care of yourself

A fitness plateau is a perfect time to reflect on yourself and your goals. Are you sleeping enough? Is your nutrition on point? Are your goals realistic? Take this time to check back with yourself and make improvements wherever you see fit.

If you need help hitting your workouts harder, recovering faster or burning fat quicker, then oursupplements can definitely aid in getting you out of a dreaded fitness plateau.