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Designed to push your body to its max and peak performance, pre workouts are pretty much your most supportive gym buddy. While we all love a good sweat session at the gym, sometimes we feel lazy or unmotivated to continue to work on our gains. Whether you need that little motivational push or just love to get pumped up before you pump iron, pre workouts are perfect to help you get the job done.

In essence, pre workouts help nutrients get to the muscles so they can perform better for a longer period of time. They also fight off muscle fatigue so you can run that last mile, get those extra reps in or get through that HITT workout just a little faster. They also provide your body with the right nutrients it needs to stay energized and in the game.

So, should you be taking a pre workout? Well, do need help building strength, increasing muscle mass, quickening fat loss, reducing fatigue or lessening your lactic acid? If you said yes to any of these, then perhaps you should give pre workout a try!

If you’re ready to add some pre workout to your fitness routine, here are a few ways to help you get the results you’ve been working towards:


The secret to waking up early to train and hitting the gym after a long day. Every sip of Uplift delivers clean, crash-free energy and improves workout intensity, focus, and motivation. Formulated with an innovative, sugar-free energy complex that eliminates tired and sluggish feels no matter what time of day.

Uplift Max

Uplift Max is an elite level pre workout formula that is made with clean and sustainable energy boosting ingredients. We’re talking TeaCrine, which enhances physical energy, focus and motivation, Hordenine HCL, which primes the nervous system for powerful and cleans bouts of activity, and coconut water protein, which is loaded with electrolytes to give the body rapid and long lasting hydration–just to name a few ingredients! Through this blend of nutrients, Uplift Max fuels the body, giving sustained energy which increases endurance and aids in rapid recovery.

Shred Her Max

While not designed as a pre workout, Shred Her Max still has energy enhancing properties that will definitely increase your athletic performance. This formula is actually a thermogenic fat burner that helps boost metabolic rate. If you’re looking to burn more fat instead of boosting energy, then this is definitely your best option. Made With TeaCrine, which enhances energy, focus and motivation, Shred Her Max will undoubtedly give you the energy you need while supporting even your toughest weight loss goals.

Sensitive to Stimulants

With only 100mg of caffeine, Her Amino Burner is perfect for those who are sensitive to stimulants but still want to get the benefits of a pre workout supplement. In addition to giving you the energy boost you’re looking for, the BCAA blend in Her Amino Burrner supports muscular recovery before, during, and after exercise! Her Amino Burner is a versatile supplement that provides you with energy, focus, metabolism boosting, intra-workout fat burning and BCAAs for repairing muscles!