Tips to Lose Stubborn Fat

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Tips to Lose Stubborn Fat

You’ve hit the gym, cut the carbs and developed a strict routine, but that stubborn body fat still lingers. What gives?

It may seem like you’re doing everything you possibly can, but a few specific ingredients are necessary for your fitness goal recipe. A combination of exercise, diet and supplements, with a side of consistency and discipline, are all required to cut out that stubborn body fat for good.

After surfing the internet for the most helpful fitness tips, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the immense amount of information out there, especially when it comes to us women. There’s surgeries, injections, waist trainers, diet plans, workout routines, but what’s actually going to get you closer to your goals?

To get an all around idea of what is needed to cut those unwanted lbs, check out these helpful tips to lose stubborn body fat.

1. Introduce HIIT cardio to your workout

Ever heard of high intensity interval training, aka HIIT? HIIT involves altering intervals of high intensity workouts that meet, or come very close to your peak ability. By giving everything you have for anywhere from 30 seconds to three minutes, your body exerts more energy and burns more calories that it would on a light 45 minute jog. For those who are committed to losing that stubborn fat, then implementing at least three HIIT trainings per week is definitely the way to go.

2. Cut out sugars

Let’s say it louder for those in the back– cut out sugars! Basically, your body can only metabolize a small amount of sugar. When you consume too much, then it’s an overload to the liver, which has no choice but to turn that sugar into fat. Not to mention, sugar has harmful effects on metabolic health, which is your secret weapon for burning that stubborn fat. Have you ever heard the saying, “abs are made in the kitchen?” Well, rest assured, it’s true and cutting out sugars is the first step in creating an ideal diet that will shed those extra lbs with you.

3. Supplements

We all need a little help sometimes and supplements are the go-to helpers for burning off that stubborn body fat. Specifically, check out Shred Her, Shred Her Max and Her Nighttime Burn. Shred Her and Shred Her Max are fat burners that are dosed exactly for women who are serious about shedding those extra lbs.

Shred Her is our all-natural fat burner formulated to support rapid fat loss, improve focus, enhance energy levels, and more.

Shred Her Max is an advanced appetite supplement that boosts energy levels without the overload of caffeine and jitters and promotes fat loss with eight different metabolism boosting ingredients. Among these ingredients are green tea extract, which increases metabolic rate and promotes fat burning, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), which is a naturally occurring fatty acid that also boosts metabolic rate and improves body composition, and konjac root, which reduces cravings, suppresses appetite and promotes healthy blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

Her Nighttime Burn is an all-time favorite that helps promote fat loss while you sleep! You'll enjoy deep sleep, weight loss support and improved productivity with no next-day drowsiness.

If you’re serious about losing that stubborn fat that’s been lingering around for years, adding in one of these fat burners can help you reach even your toughest goals.

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